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Light Language is a simple and yet advanced Source Light Technology. It is a Universal and Multidimensional language of Source to All of Creation. It is the Language of Love. The Language of the Heart. All is energy and vibration. Love is vibration.


It is transmitted through sound, vibrations, frequencies, geometries, and light encodements containing cosmic information.
It speaks directly to your Soul, DNA and energy fields, balancing you and the whole environment on profound and practical levels beyond the current linear human mind understanding.


It has the ability of restructuring your DNA and cells, working through all your body systems and opening up new pathways in your brain, so limited constructs can be dissolved and opens space for new potentials.


Our Earth GAIA also carries very deep ancient light codes that are now being activated and released. They were once planted by many of us here and our Star Elders.


All codes and activations here carry the New Earth Frequency and are to assist Humanity to make a shift to Love and Unity. They give us access to our Multidimensional and Higher Consciousness as we come together and co-create our New Earth realities.

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Guilherme's journey of Awakening started in his early years, always fascinated by the Universe, the Cosmos and its mysteries. His discovery of who and what we are, allowed him to activate his Light Language. His calling is to Unite and bring Cosmic knowledge to the planet. He is a Guardian of New Earth, an explorer, assisting others to connect to Pure Source Light through Love and Unity Consciousness.
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